Warrior’s Angel, coming late summer, 2014

Coming late summer, 2014

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4 Responses to Warrior’s Angel, coming late summer, 2014

  1. Amy says:

    Finally! It feels like I’ve waited forever for this book. I can’t wait to read Michael’s story!

  2. winnie says:

    OMG!!!!! Audio! Audio! Audio!

  3. terry says:

    I’m waiting for italian version!!

  4. Sapphire says:

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed to find out that this is ONLY being realeased in Australia as an Audio!!!

    I am already part way thru the 3rd novel and I will NOT be finishing the series, nor will I be purchasing ANY of the other books by this Author!!!

    I have WASTED my $ on paperbacks that are now useless to me

    A HUGE let down Heather. I am lost for words 🙁