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A few release dates (tentative)

I’ve been getting slammed with a lot of inquiries about release dates for sequels, etc. lately, but while I can’t yet release the publication dates for most of them, I can give my readers a general idea on the release … Continue reading

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But what has it got to do with Breast Cancer?

I’ve debated writing about this for some time. No matter how well intentioned a person is, there will always be another who is offended by their feelings. Since I am non-confrontational by nature, I want to avoid this. I really … Continue reading

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Small taste of what’s to come

I’m writing the first book in the new BBW spinoff series, The Kings. It’s called The Vampire King and features Roman D’Angelo – tall, dark, enigmatic and painfully powerful. Here’s a taste of what’s to come…. In the fresh silence, … Continue reading

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Happy Landings

One of my characters, Annabelle Drake from Hell Bent, is afraid to fly. She’s not just slightly against it or gently opposed to it, either. She absolutely, hands-down despises it and would almost do anything else. Luckily for her, she … Continue reading

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