The Lost Angels series, book four: Warrior’s Angel

From Warrior’s Angel, coming this summer, 2014

Rhiannon stopped when she reached the next alley, whipped around the corner, and hit the adjacent wall with a numb thud. Her body slid to the ground between a dumpster and a pile of empty cardboard boxes to rest against the cold, hard bricks. Her heart beat bruisingly against the inside of her ribs, pounding out an erratic, maniacal rhythm of fear. Her breaths were coming hard and fast, but she struggled with the need to control them, forcing them to quiet. Her life could depend upon it.
The effort to still her breathing caused her pulse to quicken even further, and began a terrible pressure behind her eyes. She covered her face with her hands, hoping to drown out any sounds he might be making. And there, under the cover of shadow and night, hidden from the street and headlights of passing cars, she shook uncontrollably and wondered how the hell it had come to this.
She squeezed her eyes shut against the pain riding up her left leg, where four even gashes had been carved into her thigh. She needed to heal the wound. She could feel some sort of poison from it seeping into her bloodstream and moving already through her system. But she’d used up so much of her power, so much of her strength just trying to hide her presence and then get away with her life. And she had no idea how much more of it she would need before the night was out.
Her memories of the night were twisted and chaotic, and she didn’t have time to unwind them before she heard her pursuers coming for her. Their wings made a terrible flapping sound against the wind, and she could see them in her mind’s eye. They were massive and colored like stone.
‘I’m going to die tonight,’ she thought. She crouched a little lower in the alley where she hid and looked up toward the space of night that stretched between the two buildings on either side. A few faint stars peeked through the blanket of pollution and darkness, and a distant jet plane blinked red and white across the carpet of black. But there was no other light, no other movement.
The flapping sound stopped – and Rhiannon held her breath.
“She’s nearby,” came a man’s voice high overhead.
“I sense nothing.” A second voice. This one a little older.
Her eyes widened. They were on top of the buildings, somewhere fifteen to twenty stories up, and searching for her. She had never been so grateful for the black clothing she always wore as she was now.
“I managed to mark her before she escaped. I can feel her… somewhere….”
“You’d better be right. She’s seen us,” said voice number two. “We can’t let her go.”

– Warrior’s Angel, book four in the Lost Angels series,
by Heather Killough-Walden

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9 Responses to The Lost Angels series, book four: Warrior’s Angel

  1. Taelor says:

    You have no idea how freaking excited I am for this book. I have been SO pumped to read about Rhiannon from the moment Michael laid eyes on her in Death’s Angel. From what we glimpsed she seems unlike the other archesses in that she’s already aware of the supernatural world, and that should make for a very interesting story. Plus Sam will probably go all out to prevent Michael from bonding with her, and I have been waiting as patiently as possible for Sam to get more face time but I don’t think I can way much longer! I hope Angel will be making some more appearances, too, since that will most definitely result in more Sam time 😉 I hope we get an official release date soon, I will be marking my calendar!

  2. kelticat says:

    Thanks for the snippit and a probable release date. I have been waiting since Azrael’s book and “always Angel” to see more of Rhiannon. I can wait (fervently and impatiently) to see if Angel does actual face time with Rhiannon, instead of online time, like with the other archesses.

  3. annette says:

    i just love the sneak peak of warrior angel, cant wait to read this book , just to freshen up I’m reading the books ??? again (*_*)
    i love Michael attitude especially that he’s one of new yorks finest . i just know its going to be great..

  4. Brenda Dubia says:

    I am so excited I can’t wait I have listened to them on audio and I am hoping that it comes out on audio soon after that the narrator just brings them all to life

  5. Harley Sommerville says:

    Does anyone know when the book will be released in Australia, i went into book stores and they said it hasn’t been released.

  6. HRKW says:

    Hi Harley – This book will not be released in print, but it is right now available in Australia via Kindle as an eBook.