Warrior’s Angel, coming August 10th

Warrior’s Angel, by Heather Killough-Walden
Coming, August 10, 2014

Michael Salvatore is a seasoned detective with the NYPD. The six-foot-two hard body with piercing blue eyes is smart, fast, and never fails to get his guy. But Detective Salvatore is also Michael – the Warrior Archangel, and the last of the Four Favored who came to Earth two thousand years ago to find the women, the archesses, who had been lost to them. He’s lead angel armies for millennia, and there isn’t a case he can’t crack, but this time, the Warrior Archangel has bitten off more than he can chew. Because this time, his target is his archess, a warrior in her own rights with no intention of losing any battles – especially when it comes to fighting him.

Rhiannon Dante is a woman who has combatted the world’s villains her entire life. A beautiful orphan with a checkered past, a hot head, and a large dose of supernatural power, she spends her days rescuing innocents, and her nights preparing for her next dangerous, covert job. She’s careful, well connected, and determined. But no one is perfect. And one day, she slips up – and Detective Michael Salvatore comes knocking on her door, turning her world completely upside down.

While Michael struggles to control a curse that plagues him with newly acquired very dark and very dangerous powers, and Rhiannon contends with an entire species bent on enslaving her, the two fated lost angels face one another in a battle of wills and undeniable desire that will either bring them together forever – or destroy them once and for all.

Warrior’s Angel is book five in The Lost Angels series by New York Times bestselling author Heather Killough-Walden, and follows Always Angel, Avenger’s Angel, Messenger’s Angel, and Death’s Angel.

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