Coming this Halloween!

The October Trilogy, book three:
Suddenly Sam
by Heather Killough-Walden

The much waited for conclusion to the best selling young adult paranormal romance series, The October Trilogy… coming for Halloween, 2013.

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Upcoming Release of New Vampire Romance!

Coming November 1, 2013.

The Third Kiss: Dorian’s Dream

Third time’s the charm.

In the steamy aftermath of a Baton Rouge day, in the depths of a king’s luxurious mansion, a man with blue eyes dreams of a woman….

Emma Rose Nekoda is a girl with a painful past who relies on the love of her last living relative, her brother, and the joy of her work as a photographer to get her from day to day. But her memories have scarred her deeper than she admits, and her past is more dangerous than she knows. As she travels to the mist-filled streets of New Orleans for the opening of her first gallery showing, she is completely unaware that she has been ear marked for something greater – and more terrifying – than most people could have imagined.

Dorian Adalard has lived several lifetimes, but the moment the woman appears in his dreams will forever be marked in his memory. The faint sadness in her beautiful smile haunts Dorian’s night and follows him into the daylight, chasing his heels like a beast, no matter how hard he pushes his bike, no matter how many laws he breaks on his way from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

It only gets worse when later that day, he looks up to find his dream girl watching him from the sidewalk of a busy New Orleans street. A nymph in blue jeans with wild hair and big eyes, she fills Dorian with an inexplicable and unshakable desire – to protect… and to devour.

And he knows who she is. For she is unique; there has never been another born like her. But she is not meant for him. She is the foretold queen meant for his brother – the beautiful, sadistic, and all too powerful vampire king.

Forever a changed man, Dorian finds himself breaking tradition, bucking vampire law, and going up against a veritable army and its ruthless master to save the woman he loves from the man he loathes – taking Emma along for the pulse-pounding, life-altering ride.

This new open-ended vampire romance series by New York Times best selling romance author, Heather Killough-Walden is unlike any published before. Delve into the supernatural darkness of a Louisiana night, and learn that for a Harley-riding vampire with eyes like ice and blood like fire, there is nothing quite so alluring as the woman your brother wants.

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A Teaser Tuesday Treat :)

From “Beyond Neverland” by Heather Killough-Walden
Release date TBA

When Captain James Hook handed his spyglass to his first mate and rolled back his shoulders, he wasn’t expecting the sudden terrible impact that rocked the Jolly Roger viciously to one side, knocked nearly every man on deck off their feet, and sent splintered wood and debris flying hazardously in all directions.

The sound was deafening; immediately following the blast of the impact, a ringing engulfed Hook’s ears. He grasped hold of the railing with his left hand, the hand he was more accustomed to using after having that hand to rely upon for hundreds of years. He’d barely wrapped his fingers around the wood before his arm was pulled painfully taut, his boots were sliding out from under him, and he was reaching out like lightning to grasp the railing with his other hand. Not for the first time since Neverland had been destroyed, Hook found himself marveling at his second appendage.

In the periphery of his chaos-filled vision, Hook saw ancient and toothless Skylights go tumbling, but the old pirate and the ruby and emerald-tipped cane he’d acquired in a previous raiding disappeared behind one of the masts as the ship listed seriously to one side. Hook watched Murphy go down, and fleeting, subconscious fears for his ship’s doctor coursed through him. Starkey stumbled back, taking a shard of wood in the shoulder.

Hook saw blood on Smee’s shirt as the rotund man was knocked backward, landed hard, and rolled away. The ship continued to list, turning ever further on its side.

Arnold the Black became airborne, his enormous black-bearded form lifting completely off the deck as if he had leapt into the air, and Hook could see the jagged edge of a metal strip of destroyed door banding protruding from the back of his leg.

The Jolly Roger reached a horizontal state where it unnaturally floated hundreds of feet above the ocean, and both of Hook’s hands held on for everything they were worth.
Both of my hands, he thought. They were words surrounded by a thousand other thoughts about his men, his ship, about the past – about Wendy.

He was being made to walk the plank, being thrown off his own ship. Things he’d done to so many others in the past… even to Wendy. So long ago. Fitting, he thought fleetingly. A pirate racked up so many kills in his life time. For some pirates, they were countless life times.

The deck was slippery beneath the sweat of his palms, and with passing, bitter amusement, he realized that a hook at the end of his arm would have provided a much better hold than his hand did now.

His muscles cramped, his fingers straining against the pull of the open air. And as the Jolly Roger very nearly turned completely upside down, Captain James Hook prepared to face the fall that would finally be his death, and at last even the score.

– “Beyond Neverland” by Heather Killough-Walden

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Other Worlds Are Waiting

Hello everyone! 🙂
I would like to put forth all that while I am truly (honestly) thrilled that you’re so thoroughly enjoying The Big Bad Wolf series and its spinoff, The Kings, it will be a while before the next The Kings book is out, and in the meantime, if you haven’t already, I would HIGHLY recommend giving some of my other nearly two dozen books a read. I don’t know about you, but when I find an author I enjoy, I read every single book they have written. It is their voice, the depth of their characters, and the brilliance of their environments that I adore. If you like the depth of the characters and the type of environment I paint in The Big Bad Wolf and The Kings series – you will LOVE the same in my other novels: The Lost Angels series (adult paranormal romance), The October Trilogy (young adult paranormal romance), The Chosen Soul Trilogy (romantic fantasy), Vampire Vampire (paranormal romance novella duo), Redeemer (paranormal romantic thriller), A Sinister Game (adult paranormal romance), Hell Bent (romantic thriller), and the Neverland series (romantic fantasy for all ages) are brilliant, multi-hued, steamy, and fulfilling.
Trust me. You’re missing out.
So take my hand and come with me into my many worlds.
I promise I won’t lead you astray.

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Change of Plans

I am in Oxford, England right now, as my husband was offered a sabbatical at Oxford University, and my choices were to either accompany him or be apart from him for six months. I’ve been apart from him for extended lengths in the past and it’s never any fun, so I figured, “If I go, I can do research for my books, and escape from the heat of West Texas in the summer to boot.”
However, it’s actually quite warm here and contrary to my house in Texas, the short let after short let I have been forced to rent because our six month apartment doesn’t open until July 29th lack air conditioning. None of the rentals have it, I am told. I’m told that air conditioning is just not a big thing here.
Because of this, my allergies, which are normally filtered out for me through the tightly wound allergen filters of my air conditioning system at home, are at an all time high. To make matters worse, England is apparently experiencing the worst hay fever season they’ve had in decades.
I am not a normal person when it comes to allergies. I have seen scores of allergists at the same time, have tried every medicine on the market (inhaler, nasal spray, pill, etc.), had an intensive series of shots for three years, and have had surgeries to remove my turbinates, un-deviate my septum, and remove polyp after polyp. All of these things have failed to bring me any relief, and my histamine reactions are so off the scale that they photographed my back after one of my tests and entered it into a medical journal because I looked so bad.
To come to the point – I, with my very hot head, very itchy and jetlagged body, am so tired from fighting my health issues and the heat and allergies and the unpacking and repacking and moving from place to place and the rather alarming technical, governmental, and financial difficulties, that I have not been in the mood to write. Not at all. I just can’t do it.
So, figuring that if I could at least stop itching and swelling, I would be ten thousand times better, I asked my readers for help. Many of the empathetic angels immediately came to my aid.
THANK YOU to all of you who were kind enough to do a rain/fog/cooler weather dance for me so that I could begin writing again. But I’ll just admit that since I don’t think it’s going to work and I think the heat is here to stay for a while (I heard you Brits cheer), I am going to have to take a break from writing.
Beyond Neverland may not come out this year. That is my official statement on its release. I was hoping that coming here with my husband on his sabbatical would inspire me to write like the wind and I would be able to release it by September or so, but it’s just not happening.
Unfortunately, the same goes with Suddenly Sam, which it pains me to say, I may have to cancel this year and postpone until next year.
And since the next two Kings books are about the Fae, who in my world live in misty, mysterious, England-in-the Fall type of environs, they will most likely be put on hold as well.
Who knows? Perhaps this is the Fates telling me to take a break and not write for a while. I’ve churned out a lot of books.
Whatever the reason, this is the situation right now. I will pick up the pen for everyone when the seasons turn.
– Heather

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The Goblin King is here!!!

The fourth book in the Big Bad Wolf spinoff series, The Kings, is now available at both Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

Damon Chroi has known the weight of ruling in loneliness for thousands of years. The tall, painfully handsome fae lord was born with so much power, the fae kings not only envied but feared him, and banished him to a forbidden realm to be forgotten. There, he was tasked with ruling over the deadliest creatures known to the fae worlds, and his veritable battle as their sovereign is never-ending. As one of the 13 Kings, his destiny foretells an end to his solitude with the appearance of an equally powerful queen. But that kind of power is hard to come by. And power or not, Damon can’t imagine any woman willingly joining him in the eternal misery to which he has been tasked.

Until he meets the beautiful, strong and selfless Diana Piper.

Diana has been hiding a potent secret from the world for decades. She was born with abilities others would fight to win, and kill to keep. To make matters worse, she is a sensitive soul who, despite the danger it poses to herself, uses these powers to make the world a better place. Forever in harm’s way, overworked and head strong, Diana one night comes across the ultimate challenge in the form of a wayward fae beast – and in the process, crosses paths with its indomitable king. A light can only shine in the darkness so long before someone takes note of it. And Diana not only manages to gain the instant attentions of Damon Chroi… but of those who would do anything to see him – and the other 13 Kings – dead.


Barnes and Noble:

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Indie Author of the Year

The Indie Romance Convention poll results are in.  My readers really came through for me and showed the world they loved my work! I won in every category for which I was nominated:
1. Best Friend to Readers
2. Best Young Adult Series (Sam I Am from The October Trilogy)
3. Best Romance Series (The Big Bad Wolf)
4. Best Science Fiction and Futuristic (A Sinister Game)
5. Indie Author of the Year 🙂

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. To celebrate, I will now be holding a huge giveaway on my Facebook page at


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Workin’ On It

This blog entry is for all of my readers wondering about release dates. ☺

One of the disadvantages of print publishing is that you’re under a contract deadline and hence have to write what you’re contracted to write whether you feel like it or not.

Or rather, I should say that one of the advantages of indie publishing – is that you don’t.

Right now, I have readers asking me for the sequels in five different series: The Kings, Neverland, The Lost Angels, The October Trilogy, and The Chosen Soul. For some reason, the fates deemed to bless me with the ability to write well, but often not about any single thing for too terribly long, lol. Characters and their situations fight one another for attention in the ring of my mind, and whichever is the strongest at any given point in time is the one that wins the immortality of ink and paper.

And so, I can’t give you exact release dates for any of my series except one. The October Trilogy is a seasonal series, clearly, and since the month of October is so integral to its telling that the word is in fact in its title, you can rest assured that the third book in the trilogy will be out in October of 2013.

The others, however, I have to write as they want to be written. This is a good thing. It means I won’t go rushing through any of them when I’m not inspired to do so. Writing when you don’t feel like it often lends itself to a poor end product. Since I won’t be doing this, you can rest assured that when the books do release, they’ll be freaking awesome.



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That Kind of Writer

Every writer knows at least one person who has been writing a book for several years, if not for the duration of their entire life. Isn’t there a saying about that, in fact? There’s a novel in everyone?
I’ve met a lot of these people. One in particular has been working on the world’s greatest literary masterpiece for the last twenty-two years. Recently, she sent me an email to let me know that she was having trouble getting through my book because it was “so poorly written.” My response: “Which one? I’ve published twenty-one of them.” (It happened to be a book from my sole print published series, as print is all she will read.)
In that moment, I acknowledged an epiphany that had been tickling my brain for attention for quite some time. There are two kinds of authors in this world. The first consists of arm-chair worshipers of the printed word, so devout in their antiquated study of letters, they revere them to the point of not wanting to touch them. Words are sacred and must not be penned by anyone but the most worthy and preferably holy. And so, it’s best not to pen them at all.
And this is exactly what they do. They trudge through life with pen in fist, notebook under one arm, and a book bag filled with Nabokov and Tolstoy – not writing a single readable word.
The second kind of author is very simply: The writer.
I should make it clear that what I consider to be a true writer is also a gifted writer, that special person blessed by the inexplicable ability to take the alphabet by the balls and force it to make absolute and unequivocal sense.
The writer is not an individual concerned with the shiny laminated cover of a newly born hardback novel. This is not that scholarly mumbler who dreams of high-brow edits amidst coffee stains, tobacco and absinthe. This is not a Tolstoy reader.
This is the individual who can not wake without penning a dream, who can not go anywhere – anywhere at all – without a chewed writing utensil and a clean, promising sheet of paper. And if he or she is caught without them? This is the individual who will literally bother a complete stranger for them or even go so far as to purchase a new pen or pencil on the spot in order to write down a few precious, un-ignorable words.
This is the person with seventy-two journals lining their shelves, for whom the greatest known compliment in the world has nothing to do with clothing or hair or body shape but is that elusive kind word having to do with their written work. This is the fevered scribbler, the paramount paragrapher.
This is the Marquis de Sade, so possessed by the buzzing, incessant words in his tortured soul, he literally bled them out like demons, using his own red life giving liquid as the ink for the writing that spared him a worse death than any French prison might have cast upon him.
A writer does not write as a hobby. It is not a pastime. It is not something we do for lofty dreams of being recalled classically or included in tired English lessons.
Writing, quite frankly, is an obsession.
People often ask me what they can do to become a successful author. Knowing that they’re referring to “being known,” and to “selling big,” I tell them that if they are a gifted writer, it will happen. In this day and age of free press and the electronic book, there will be no other option. A writer will be so distracted by the need to tell their story – nay, their multiple stories – and tell them well, he or she will have no choice but to publish, and publish a lot.
You get enough well-written published books under your belt and guess what? You’re successful.
That other class of author, on the other hand? Will staunchly insist that despite your public success, you yet know nothing about the words you write. Because as they are worshiping those sacred words from afar – you have the words strapped down to your bed and are making love to them like mad.

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“Moon Dancer”

I write about vampires.

They say that to write well, you must write what you know. Many have mirthfully and even lovingly referred to me as a vampire. I always duck my head coyly and never bother to deny it.
There is a mystique to this title, and a verity in it as well. I am not quick to cast it off.

But there is someone who calls me something else, and this one knows me deeply.

My daughter calls me Moon Dancer.

I’ve never been a fan of the day. Even as a little girl, I felt there was something so pompous about the sun, so showy and pushy. It was selfish, the sun. It stole the spotlight and shoved real beauty into the background.
I would hide away and while away until the sun finally got tired of its bullying.
Then I would creep to a window or step outside – and smile.
An entire universe revealed itself; stars, planets, darkness.
The contrast of purple, indigo, midnight, and black against the pulsing twinkle of distant possibilities left me breathless.
I laughed out loud sometimes. As a child, I reached my little hands up and clutched at the endlessness, delighting in the light year pixie dust. Nothing blinded me. It only shared and entertained and pleased.
I dream at night, but not in sleep. I look up, and I imagine, and I wonder.
I always have.

My daughter calls me Moon Dancer because I come alive when the sun goes down. After twilight has faded into the sable shades of infinity, I breathe.
I dance.

In the forever – and on the moon.

– Heather Killough-Walden

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