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An update for newcomers and those who would like a refresher. 🙂

Heather Killough-Walden Reading List

The Lost Angels series:
Always Angel (eBook-only introductory novella)
Avenger’s Angel
Messenger’s Angel
Death’s Angel
Warrior’s Angel (release date TBA, 2014)
Samael (release date TBA)

The October Trilogy:
Sam I Am
Secretly Sam
Suddenly Sam

Neverland Series:
Forever Neverland
Beyond Neverland

The Big Bad Wolf series:
The Heat (No longer available separately. This book can be found in the Big Bad Wolf Romance Compilation.)
El Ardor (Spanish version of The Heat)
The Strip (No longer available separately. This book can be found in the Big Bad Wolf Romance Compilation.)
The Spell
The Hunt
The Big Bad Wolf Romance Compilation (All four books together, in proper chronological order)

The Kings – A Big Bad Wolf spinoff series:
The Vampire King
The Phantom King
The Warlock King
The Goblin King
The Seelie King (release date TBA, early 2014)
(future The Kings books TBA; at least 13 total)

The Chosen Soul Trilogy:
The Chosen Soul
Drake of Tanith
Queen of Abaddon (release date TBA)

Redeemer (stand-alone)

Hell Bent (stand-alone)

Vampire, Vampire (stand-alone)

A Sinister Game (stand-alone)

The Third Kiss series:
Dorian’s Dream
Aleksei’s Dream (release date TBA)
(future The Third Kiss books TBA; open-ended series)

*Note: The Lost Angels series (not including Always Angel) is available in print and eBook format. All other HKW books are currently eBook-only.

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10 Responses to Reading List

  1. j. Adkins says:

    I really like the vampire and the wolf novels. I am hoping that you will have more coming out soon.

  2. Ty Zeiter says:

    Can I buy “Forever Neverland” as a paperback? I don’t like reading digital books…

  3. HRKW says:

    Hi J! Definitely, there will be many more this year – and hopefully the first of them will be out very soon! xoxo
    – Heather

  4. HRKW says:

    Hi Ty! I really, really (REALLY) wish that you could buy it as a paperback. Alas, getting things into print is much more difficult, and the process is time consuming and lengthy. For what it is worth, I am actually in the process of attempting to get the Neverland series print published, but the steps are tremendous. It will take some time. Years. In the meantime, I do hope that you decide to give the ebooks a try. Beyond Neverland is my favorite of all of the books I’ve written. It used to be Hell Bent… but BNL ended up being a bit of a “masterpiece” (the description given to it by my readers and reviewers). 🙂 xoxo
    – Heather

  5. Ty Zeiter says:

    Good luck getting it published! I know how hard it is (I’m a self published fantasy author). And I will definitely try the ebook! Can’t wait to see this new(ish) world you’ve created… I LOVE Peter Pan 🙂

  6. HRKW says:

    Thank you!!! 🙂 xo

  7. Carmen says:

    I have a question: will there be a third book too The Chosen Soul Series. I really enjoyed the books and I keep checking your website to see when it will possibly be released.

  8. M. Harrison says:

    I am a huge fan of your writing and have read every book that you have written! I’ve been patiently waiting on reading the conclusion of the Chosen Souls Trilogy “Queen of Abaddon.” Will you be providing a release date for this in the near future?

  9. Susan Herbert says:

    A tad confused here or am I missing something.
    I have brought and read many of your books, so obviously a huge fan, but feeling very frustrated after reading both chosen soul ( 2009) and drake of tanith 2011)books in july 2014 and there is no third after 4 years.
    In the mean time you have written goodness knows how many more books(yes read quite a few of those to) and still no Queen of Baddon.
    Any comments please Heather?

  10. HRKW says:

    Hi Susan – Believe it or not, this does happen to quite a few authors. The Chosen Soul was one of the first series I began. After the first book was self published, I achieved an agent and publication contract for other series – those are contracted or in stone and have deadlines. Once this occurs, other series have to take a back burner, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, unfortunately. It’s simply not possible to write a certain number of books in a certain amount of time. You’re right, I’ve published quite a few books since Chosen Soul, though Drake of Tanith came out only last year. Because I care deeply for my readers, I have struggled to publish even the books I am not contracted for, despite the fact that they tend to make very little money while eating up much of the time I would otherwise use to sleep or be with my daughter. My average per year is five to six books. Not many authors can attest to that. Meanwhile, I interact on a personal basis with my readers through Facebook, my newsletter, and Twitter – I have no assistant at all – I run giveaways, contests, post teasers, and answer questions such as this. In short, (lol) there just hasn’t been time, especially since it’s not a huge seller. That said – I make no promises, but I am deeply hoping I can focus on Queen of Abaddon for a Winter, 2014 publication. My fingers are crossed (except for when they’re very busy typing). Thank you very much for reading. 🙂 xo – Heather