What Are Yours?

During a recent car trip, my family and I discussed our “favorites,” as in favorite smells, favorite sounds, etc. I found it interesting; a lot of the times, a person’s choices are very much tied in with their past or history. It became a bit of an exercise in self discovery.

And so, I figured I would share a little bit about myself with you – and in return, I would love for you to post back with your own favorites and least-favorites. It would be a chance for you to learn something new about yourself, and share it with others. 🙂

My favorite smells: Rain or fresh wet soil, rubber tires, leather, cooking cracked pepper, tomatoes on the vine, brewing coffee, baking sourdough bread, new car

Smells I hate: Halitosis (bad breath), garlic, grass or hay, wet dog, body odor, blood

Favorite sounds: Thunder, crackling fire in a hearth, rain on a tin roof, a babbling brook, classical guitar or cello expertly played, Harley Davidson V-Twin engines, horses’ hooves on cobblestones, leather soles on hard surfaces, the turning of pages in a quiet space

Sounds I hate: Blaring news or reality TV shows, lawn mowers, buzzing insects, hammering, discordant horns, elevator music over the phone

Your turn. xoxo

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7 Responses to What Are Yours?

  1. Laura Smith says:

    This is definitely thought provoking 🙂 I love yours! This isn’t as easy at it looks!

    My Favorite Smells: My husband (tmi, maybe, but there’s something to be said for pheromones!), fresh baking bread, baby powdered babies, outside Abercrombie & Fitch in the mall

    Smells I Hate: rootbeer, black licorice

    Favorite Sounds: “I Love You” from my husband and sons, my 17 year old son laughing at something in his bedroom, all of the music on my iPod (at this count, just over 600 songs) because every one of them reminds me of something special or meaningful from my life, thunder (because hopefully it means a huge storm is rolling in)

    Sounds I Hate: “It’s a Small World” song at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, children in restaurants (I know, I know, this will earn me some scowls, but it’s true. I’m 40 years old with my youngest now 17 years of age, and I can’t stand the noise of children while I’m trying to eat out at a restaurant….and I mean a sit down restaurant, not McDonald’s, lol), my cell phone buzzing or ringing to show I have an incoming call (because I HATE talking on the phone and would much rather text :p)

    -Laura in Orlando, Florida

  2. Lisa Davis says:

    Favorite Smell-Lilacs( we had a bush right next to our house it reminds me of summer), horse sweat and leather(I used to ride so yea it smells awesome to me), babies, ozone smell before a good hard rain, freshly washed clothes, fresh baked cookies(reminds me of Christmas time when my mom used to bake)
    Smell I Hate-Bleach, garbage, mayo, BO
    Favorite Sound-horse noises, thunder, rain, the quiet just before a storm, wind, a babies laugh, my son playing cello, waves, whales
    Sound I Hate-screaming, dogs barking, chewing or sucking teeth, my son playing cello, arguments

  3. Cheryl Smith says:

    Smells I like; babies, fresh air (when you are in the mountains or a forest), cinnamon
    Smells I dislike; manure!, wet dog, black licorice
    Sounds I like; Rain, quiet after a snowfall, kids playing, my kids laughing, the sound of my husband’s car (I love hearing it at the end of the day when he comes home from work)
    Sounds I dislike; T.V., cell phones at the movies or functions, yippie dogs constantly barking

  4. Katie Dunlap says:

    Favorite Smells: Burberry men’s cologne, the air before a good storm, cinnamon, soccer fields, the beach, a warm home that’s just been cooked in

    Repulsive Scents: diesel exhaust!, hallitosis, parvo (and any kind of blow out watery dog poo), blood, cabbage

    Favorite Sounds: heart beat, my son’s laughter, expertly written music of any genre, owls hooting in the early early morning, rain,

    Repulsive Sounds: loud engines flooring it late at night, the squealing noise a loose belt on a car makes, random beeping that can’t be located, the phone ringing in the middle of the night, hacking cough, shrill screaming

  5. Clare Sidgwick says:

    Favourite smells – clean laundry that’s just come in off the line, honeysuckle, lemon, my nephews after they’ve had a bath (they’re 4 & 6) and the smell of lanolin that lingers on your hands after handling baby lambs
    Least favourite smells – hospitals, cat litter that gets left for days (it’s very very grim), singed hair, BO, tomato ketchup

    Favourite sounds – heavy rain when your tucked up in the warm, piano when it’s played with talent, the sound of birds taking off in flight, someone laughing at something I said
    Least favourite sounds – children having temper tantrums in the supermarket, small dogs yapping, my alarm clock (it sounds like a klaxon) people shouting in the street late at night

    Clare xx

  6. Alma Morgenroth says:

    Favourite Smells – rain, when snow is coming, fresh cut lawn, christmas( all the backing, the tree, the cinamon) Glühwein, Kloß with sauerkraut,pineapple, disarorno 😉 puppies, bread coming out the oven, joy of pink, cigar smoke, green tea, lavender .

    Least favorites – sweat, manure,tequila, tires,cat litter, anise,skunk.

    Favourite Sounds- my hubby breathing when he’s asleep, my children laughter, wind blowing throug the palm trees, the sound of my racquet each time i do a good service, water running down stream, the waves at night, my doggie greating me when I come home, George Harrison or Jack Johnson music, my hubby voice … Especially if he’s not home.

    Least favorite- my kids fighting, my neighbor dog barking,the alarm of the model home at 2, 4 am, kitties mowing @ 3 am is a big no no, anything that is after midnight …lol

  7. Bethany McBride says:

    I love this kind of thing!!
    Favorite smells: Chinese lilies – Annieflower, Roses, Fresh cut grass, new cars, coffee, Onions and garlic cooking together, leather, vanilla, caramel, gardenias, garlic, fresh lemons!!

    Least favorite: Poop – any and all kinds (can you tell i have kids. . live near a dairy farm. . .and have a dog!?!), sesame oil, sweaty kids, wet dog, raw meat, rubber.

    Favorite sounds: Thunderstorms, waves, brooks/waterfalls, birds chirping, wind, my daughter laughing or telling me I’m her favorite mom, kids having fun and laughing, the crunch of leaves on the ground in the fall, quiet, the night noises right after everyone in the house has fallen asleep.

    Least favorite: My husbands alarm clock is the absolute worst ever!!!!!!! (called a “screaming meanie”. . I absolutely HATE that thing!!!!), songs with bad words in them, yelling people in general, fireworks (not the ones that pop high up in the air. . .the ones on the ground that just pop), babies crying/toddler temper tantrums, balloons popping. . mostly just super loud noises!