Going for Extremes

I’ve never been a “Happy Medium” kind of girl. I guess I’m a drama queen at heart because my writing has always been the kind to evoke strong emotions in its readers. My words are words of extremes: Either people absolutely love them and want to read more, or they hate them, and consequently hate me.

I have to admit that there have been times when this bothered me. I was of course happy that there were people out there who could appreciate my style, my point of view, and me, in general. But I was confused and somewhat torn by the number of “haters” I seemed to attract.

I don’t sugar coat things. If my bad guy is going to pan out to be a real bad guy, I write him that way. He’ll give you chills, make you sick, and keep you turning pages because you can’t wait until the devil gets his due. If one of my characters is a werewolf afraid he’s going to lose the only chance he has at a meaningful relationship with a woman, I write him the way such a werewolf would behave. Like an animal, determined, fierce, and a little mean. After all, no alpha wolf in the wild would simply nod and step to the side when faced with adversity. No way in hell.
You get the point. I pull my readers into the world and make them feel as if it’s real, and sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes they are certain it isn’t.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about humanity, it’s that it makes absolutely no sense. Despite the fact that our youth are more jaded today than they have ever been in history, our adults appear to retain more delicate sensibilities than ever before as well. It’s highly illogical, to quote a pointy-eared alien, but there it is. I think it’s usually pretend, to be honest. I have a feeling it’s fear of being found out hastily masked by indignation. But whatever it is, it certainly riles people up, especially when they have nothing better to do with their time or lives.

Normally, I look at this one of two ways: 1. Wow, I must be doing something right if I’ve pissed people off this badly, after all “well behaved women rarely make history.” And, 2. Oh, give me a break. *rolls eyes, shakes head*

But today I realized that I should look at this a third way, from an entirely different angle – one that cuts out the negative aspects altogether. A reader wrote to me yesterday, “I don’t care what some reviewers say about The Strip, I feel you wrote Malcolm Cole just for me, and for that I’m eternally grateful.”

I reached someone. I gave them something that no one else dared to give them, and I made them happy. I improved a life, even if it was just a little. In this, I’ve made the world a better place.

So there it is. 3. I’ve made the world a better place.
That’s an extreme I can live with.

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6 Responses to Going for Extremes

  1. Julie says:

    You hit the nail on the head. In this world today there is NO WAY to make everyone happy. You need to write for you & what makes you proud. There are a vast majority of readers that do appreciate your honesty in writing. I am currently reading a novel published in the 1950’s. I am having a hard time with the writing style & the nuances in the story. They really wrote stories a lot differently back then. But then really good stories stand the test of time, and I know yours will. I understand why some of the readers make note of the behavior of your characters, but I for one appreciate that their actions ‘ring’ true to what they are. And yes, the bad guys are really bad……just like in real life 🙂
    You just keep on writing the great books you write and I will be there standing in line waiting for my copy! All the best to you & your family.

  2. HRKW says:

    Thank you Julie. 🙂 xoxo <3

  3. Michelle says:

    I love your bad guys, well the alpha wolves. I truly believe that those men where not written as bad guys just bad situations and rash desperate decisions. WW have talked about that before. They are wolves, with animal instincts and behaviors. In the real world wolves are not cuddly pets. I love your point of view and the totally dominate men you write. They feel real with real emotions and make mistakes just like humans. Write what makes you happy and your followers will out number the hatred. Keep up the fantastic work.

  4. HRKW says:

    Thank you, Michelle! 🙂 xoxo

  5. Katie Dunlap says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would feel so strongly as to write to the author they just read explaining how and why they detest it. No one made you read the book. If you didn’t like it, move onto a different book.
    I’m sorry that with publishing artwork comes the job of having to receive “hate” mail. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I don’t think people ever remember the Golden Rule. I was just discussing this matter with a friend on if it’s not helpful criticism then why say anything? Why attempt to rip apart someone’s dreams as if they don’t matter?

    I could continue on that soap box all day it seems.

    Just know you are greatly appreciated and have not only colored my world with many new books, but you’ve also given me something I’ve never had: A favorite author! I’ve had many favorite books, but I’ve never just HAD to read all the books those authors have written! So smile. You really do make a difference.

  6. HRKW says:

    Thank you so much, Katie. Wow – to be someone’s favorite author is an honor indeed. I don’t even know what to say!! Just thank you so much. 🙂 xoxoxo