The big bad wolves

For those of you wondering when you’ll get your next alpha and dormant fix, book four in the Big Bad Wolf series should come out for the holiday season this year. I promise to keep you all updated on the blog, my facebook page, and through the newsletter. 🙂

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9 Responses to The big bad wolves

  1. Luli Mendes says:

    YEAH !!!!!!!! Can’t wait to read it…..

  2. Doreen says:

    Haven’t read any books like this before…bought all three, read all three and can’t wait for the next! I’m hooked! : ) Thanks for the good reads and keep up the writing. Love this series!!!!

  3. maria says:

    Awwww….you just positively made my day Heather!!
    Best wishes!

  4. Sheila says:

    Can’t wait to read the next one! I love your Big Bad Wolf series!

  5. Rocky says:

    I’m such a fan! The wolf books keep me hooked till I’ve finished them, which is great for my imagination but not so great for my school work. Can’t wait for the next one!

  6. Cass says:

    The holiday season. I’m naive enough to think you mean Easter?! LOL. Not Thanksgiving/Christmas? 🙂

  7. Debbie says:

    Cannot wait for Byrons story!
    I read all three books in one. Day lol

  8. Shavonne says:

    Great Series!!! You are a wonderful writer. Can’t wait for the next book.

  9. Kanani says:

    Oh YAY!!!!!!! I am so excited!