You tube anyone?

Okay. So, I’m a huge Xena fan (or, I should probably say that I’m a huge “Ares” fan) and I love to go to You Tube when I need inspiration and hunt down videos of Xena and Ares in their incredibly physical love/hate relationship. (The ones by TheBerryBird are especially awesome)

But lately, it’s got me thinking…. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a video about the characters in one of my books? Or in one of my series?

And hence, this blog entry. If there are any vidders out there with a taste for challenges, let’s see what you’ve got! Can you create something from a book instead of a movie? Can you hunt down just the right faces and just the right scenes and put them to just the right music?

Oh, I get shivers thinking of the possibilities! Whatever you create, I will link to from this site and include in my newsletter.

Come on, creative ones! Inspire me!

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