HKW Books is running an international (yes – INTERNATIONAL) giveaway right now that is literally worth thousands. Because there are more than 40 prizes, your chances of winning are excellent.

Everything from $300 custom-made HKW plushies to $50 gift cards to Kindle Fires to audio books will be gifted to randomly drawn winners across the globe. New prizes roll in every day to be added to the giveaway list!

Want to sign up? All you have to do is get a YouTube account and subscribe to Heather’s channel. (Be sure to click the option to be notified when a new HKW Books video goes up or you’ll miss out on the smaller giveaways she does just for loyal subscribers.) Once you’ve subscribed, comment on the video. Then send Heather a Facebook private message to let her know you have. It’s as easy as that! Subscribing and letting her know you’ve done so by following the rules will get your name on the list!

To sign up for the giveaway and help Heather Killough-Walden launch her new YouTube channel, follow this link:

To watch Heather’s second (hilarious) video on her brand new channel, follow this link:

Here’s a link to Heather’s third video (top ten movies that have influenced her writing):

Heather will be using the channel to joke around with her readers, feature reader art, answer reader questions, give exclusive book reveals, run exclusive giveaways, and generally make a fool of herself. 😉 She loves comments and of course very much appreciates subscriptions and thumbs-ups!

She loves her readers! XOXO


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