Techno Sex

I’ve noticed that people in the computer industry tend to believe that everyone who is not in the computer industry is of a slightly less intelligent caliber. Never mind that it’s simply another profession – like any – and that there will be those who excel at it and those who very certainly do NOT. I don’t see dog trainers asking computer programmers to make Fido sit. I highly doubt that Mr. Pilot would hand the cockpit over to Mr. Linux and insist that every bird has to learn to fly at some point. I think it would be highly entertaining to watch some of these guys attempt to teach a yoga class. Or dance a ballet. Or plant a garden.

So, what gives? Why must they insist that we stop doing what we do best in order to create our own websites or try out every bleeding edge app on the market? Why is it that so many computer programmers have such a hard time accepting that it takes different kinds of minds to run our world?

I’ve come to the decision that the next time a computer programmer gives me a hard time for finding it difficult to do something involving html, remote access servers, file transfer protocols, link exchanges, Semaphores, system operators, page rankings or Flash, I am simply going to take a deep breath. Then I am going to turn to said computer programmer and say,

“Tell you what. You write a best selling 400 page paranormal romance with a scorchingly hot sex scene that does not mention the heroine’s ginormous bonkers even once, and I’ll give it a real go with this computer crap.”

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4 Responses to Techno Sex

  1. Amy says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Too funny. Maybe said computer geek, uh, programmer could come and teach my kindergarten class, too!! ROFLMAO!

  2. Eris says:

    I am trying to figure out what a computer geek sizzler would sound like and all I can think is:

    I looked expectantly at her nude mammary glands. They appeared to have no function. I pushed the button again and again and there was no reaction until finally, I heard the female homosapien sigh in agitation.

    She made a sound! I knew at that moment I was on the verge of discovery. What I would discover was not immediately known to me but I reasoned that if I pushed that button hard enough, I’d find out…


    The end. LOL

  3. Mokkelke/Tanja says:

    this is hilarious, not to mention Eris reply. that one had me really going!!