The Seelie King (teaser)

“They told the tales sometimes at gatherings. The Tuath Stories remembered the fates of the Wishers well.
Thousands of years ago, the sovereigns of the Fae lands issued a decree: The Wishers would die.
The Wish Fae had managed to hide their powers for eons. But all secrets were eventually told, and it was so for this one as well. When the sovereigns were made aware of the abilities of the Wishers, they grew frightened.
Powerful magicks were called forth, and in an act never before or since accomplished, both light and dark, both Seelie and Unseelie gathered together in their courts and combined their powers.
The Wishers were annihilated.
However… speculation caused rumors, which spread in whispers and eventually became legends that told how the strongest and most fortunate few managed to escape and hide themselves amongst humans in the mortal realm.
But thousands of years passed with no sign of these legendary Wishers.
In time, the sovereigns who had issued their massacre were overthrown. Under new rule, the truth of this terrible tragedy was well taught and lamented. The fae kingdoms had destroyed something precious.
The Wishers were declared extinct. And in its rareness, in its extinctness, the lost, most powerful class of the fae, in fact became sacred.”
– The Seelie King, by Heather Killough-Walden

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3 Responses to The Seelie King (teaser)

  1. winnie says:

    Good Morning Heather,
    I am a big fan!
    When is The Seelie King to be out on Audio???

  2. HRKW says:

    Hi Winnie – Unfortunately, Tantor passed on any further Kings series books, so this one will not come out on audio, nor will The Unseelie King and so forth. xo