The Warlock King

“He was not only a warlock, he was a decidedly powerful warlock, a practiced and capable warlock, and a terribly smart warlock. If that wasn’t enough, he was the goddamned Warlock King. Warlocks were a dark breed. And Chloe was running from nothing short of the devil.” – The Warlock King by Heather Killough-Walden

This Valentine’s Day, look for book three in the Big Bad Wolf spinoff series, The Kings – the continuation of the story of the 13 Kings, their desperate search for their fated queens, and the indomitable enemies who will stop at nothing to find them first.

The Warlock King

Jason Alberich wears the crown of the sovereign of the warlocks, a dark breed that uses darker magic. He wears it well, skillfully wielding a power that would corrupt others. Yet he has paid the price for his control, bearing the scars of a time when his power had control over him. He is haunted by the regrets of a shady past and now lives each day and night with an isolated soul.

Chloe Septeran is an Akyri like no other. A member of a race that must depend upon warlocks for sustenance in exchange for servitude, Chloe runs from the dark magic users, choosing instead to live free of their hold. She has existed empty and “hungry,” but stubbornly free of the warlock’s dark embrace. However now, the fates have chosen to bring her running to a halt, as the 13 Kings each discover their queens – and the Warlock King discovers his.

A mighty power is awakening, wreaking havoc on the supernatural world. The 13 Kings, their queens, the werewolf nation, and the witch covens with their high leader, Lalura Chantelle, must band together and stand strong in the face of a dawning nightmare that threatens the very fabric of all they hold dear… and from which none may escape.

“Chloe knew the exact moment that she had taken him to his breaking point. The atmosphere in the room changed. A faint wind seemed to pick up out of nowhere. The fire in the hearth shifted into a host of black and blue flames that sparkled like magic dust and crackled like mad. She looked up to meet Jason’s gaze. One heartbeat, one tiny, single pulse between them told her everything. And it was all the time he gave her.” – The Warlock King, by Heather Killough-Walden

Coming Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2013

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7 Responses to The Warlock King

  1. Kimberley says:

    Is Warlock King coming out in Nook format,and will i be able to buy it the 14th???

  2. Michelle says:

    OMG I want it now. Good thing I only have to wait til tomorrow XD. Love all of your books. Total fangirl here!

  3. taylor says:

    love this book looking forward to book 4 soon i hope

  4. Sam says:

    I love these books of yours BUT I can’t seem to find some of them on my Kobo eReader, which I have, so far, all the Big Bad Wolf series and book 1 & 2 of The Kings. Now that it’s the 6th of March I cannot find Warlock King! Where can I find it for Kobo? And The Chosen Soul, Sam I Am etc?

  5. HRKW says:

    Hi Sam – The Warlock King was converted and approved and posted through Smashwords about two weeks ago. They supply Kobo with my books. It should be going up very soon; there just seems to be a delay. I would keep checking back. 🙂

  6. Sam says:

    I’ve just looked at Kobo and Warlock King is there now. All I need now ate the Chosen One series and the Sam I Am series….that would be fantastic!

  7. Sam says:

    I meant “is” not “ate”……not sure how that happened XD