Something Good

The coolest thing happened yesterday here in Lubbock. This homeless and crippled man with a cane was holding up a sign on the street corner on a service road just south of 289. I was on my way to an appointment. I hadn’t noticed him at first because of cars between us. He was three lanes over and by the time I spotted him, I was worried about the stoplight changing, but traffic in the other direction seemed to be coming pretty quick and steady, so I figured I had time. I ripped open my purse and took out everything I had, maybe a ten, some fives, and a bunch of ones. I honked my horn to draw his attention and waved him over. He hobbled over to me as quickly as he could, took my money, and thanked me. Suddenly the car beside me was doing the same thing, honking its horn and waving him over. And then the car behind me did the same. And then the one in front of me. It was this awesome, incredible cascade of kindness. The light changed, but the cars stayed put, handing out money to this homeless man.
It touched me so deeply.

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