A Sinister Game
by Heather Killough-Walden

In a world ruled by Game Leaders, a dark and dangerous man proposes a wager….

“If you can escape me for seven rounds, Victoria – if you can keep from being taken off of the board for that long, I will admit defeat and step down as Gray leader. But if I find you,” he let the words sink in. “And if I capture you….” His voice trailed off just as his gaze trailed over her lips, her throat, her breasts.
His green eyes locked on hers again and she felt she would die right there at that table.
“Then you’ll join me. You’ll give yourself to me for one night.” His smile was the devil’s promise. “This is the wager.”

But this is a game far more complicated and far more deadly than either of them anticipated. As the real world unfolds around them, what they thought they knew becomes obsolete, and the rules are ruthlessly changed… in this SINister game.

Coming November, 2012
Yes, November, 2012. 😉

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12 Responses to SINister

  1. maryanne Harris says:

    wonderful so looking forward to this

  2. Staci aka Patches says:

    Can not wait to read!!

  3. Anita Brunson says:

    I can not wait, on pins and needles!!!!!

  4. Deborah Lent Cooney (Irishheart) says:

    OOoo..Can not wait for more!! Thank you Heather!

  5. Samantha Nicholson says:

    Can’t wait looking forward to read yet another one of your amazing books

  6. Julissa T. says:

    Can’t wait!!! I’m running out of good read 😉

  7. Adrienne says:

    Is this a rewrite of The Game?

  8. HRKW says:

    Yes, it is. 🙂 It’s been completely edited and has a new title and cover. So many people asked about it wanting to read it, I decided it was finally time for the re-release.

  9. HRKW says:

    Thank you ladies! 🙂 xoxo

  10. Tracy says:

    So looking forward to this being released….. 😀

  11. michelle says:

    Hooked by the first sentence!

  12. Kelly says:

    Will there be a sequel to Forever Neverland? (please, please, please!!!)