Rock Hard Crushes

In close circles, the titillating subject of crushes – on both real men and men we wish were real – has been coming up a lot. It’s got me thinking, and wondering. What turns a character (or real person) into a crush? What is that “last straw” that sends us from liking someone into really liking them? What are the qualities that get us deep down, and when do they work? When do they not work? What are our deal makers and breakers?

I’ll start with a list of crushes I’ve had in my life, both real and not real. Then I want you to tell me yours. LOL I’m curious!

The Count from Sesame Street
David and the gang from The Lost Boys
Jareth from The Labyrinth
Daniel Jackson from SG1
Darth Vader
Lieutenant Commander Data, from Star Trek Next Generation
That boy that helped me up off of the playground in the 4th grade and that I crushed hard on for the next EIGHT years without telling. Rock star god. You were awesome.
Niles from Frasier
Thor (way before he was played by Hemsworth)
Richard Armitage
Sean Bean
Michael Fassbender (but mostly as Azazeal from Hex)
My husband
And a few of my own characters. 😉 I won’t tell you which ones.

Your turn! xoxo

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36 Responses to Rock Hard Crushes

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh, it would take me so long to compile a list….which, I’m totally off to do now. I just wanted to say that I’m totally ga-ga for Richard Armitage (especially circa “North & South”) and his broody English ways!

  2. Kimberly Greene says:

    Ummmm would have to say..Christpher Reeves as Superman..Micheal Jackson(thriller),Tom Cruise(LEGEND,TOP GUN),the boy from the movie LUCAS..Corey Haim?,the boy who played Atreyu in the NEVERENDING STORY,..

  3. Sheena says:

    I’m a sucker for a good voice and an accent, Australian is my favorite (Britain is not far behind). I also love a slightly twisted sense of humor but that is harder to find.

    So here are my voice crushes in no real order:

    My Husband (Can you say brownie points?)
    Russell Crowe
    Michael Crawford
    Gerard Butler
    David Tennant
    Matt Smith
    Leonard Nimoy
    Sean Connery
    Jack Thane 🙂
    Matthew McConaughey
    Christian Bale
    Anna Torv (I just love her voice!)

    I think you get the point. It also helps that some of them are just dead sexy!

  4. Kelly Young says:

    First crush was Bela Lugosi in Dracula when I was like 5. Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious. Russell Crowe as Hando. Alot of JR Wards Brotherhood. My hubby when I 16…and still. Frank Carter that used to be with the band. THE gallows….oh and Gerard Butler and Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

  5. Donna says:

    Jordan Catelano of My So Called Life – before he got all douchey w/30 seconds to Mars
    Jimmy McNichol way, way back in the day…google it.
    John Lloyd – tennis player, married to Chris Everett Lloyd…yep, totally worked for him after college, it was a rather surreal experience being friends with a former crush
    a boy from college, let’s call him M, he used to bruise my lips when we kissed – that was hot.
    of course my husband and he’s a much better kisser
    and Jon Stewart, met him once just after i got married 16 yrs ago…man i really wanted to run my fingers through his hair

    wow, those came really fast and easy!

  6. Helen Quaisi says:

    It always starts with the bad-ass-asshole for me…because they always turn soft for the lady they love…what could be sexier?

    My husband..since I was 14

    Christiano Renaldo…bc he’s effin Hot

    Jerricho Barrons from KMM’s The Fever Series

    Mr Cole…the only werewolf worth dying for…lol


    and future serious crush…Azreal…omg…can not freakin wait!!!

  7. Julissa says:

    My husband 😉 since I was almost 18
    Chayanne (Latin singer) since 9 years old
    Jan Clod Van Dam ( Ahhhhhhhh)
    Edward, Emmet and Jacob ( Twilight)
    Gerald Butler (since P. S. I Love You)
    Chris Hemsworth
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Roman D’Angelo 😉
    Patch (from Hush Hush)
    Malcolm Cole
    Lucas Caige
    Chief Daniel Kane
    Daniel from Fallen
    Christian Grey
    Shape from Harry Potter
    Mufasa from Lion King
    The Rock
    And some other that don’t come to mind 😉

  8. Natalie Hirschfield says:

    Brad Pitt in interview with a vampire and legends of the fall. Bones from the nighthuntress series. zhadist from black dagger brotherhood. az of course. spike from buffy. and my husband, best not forget him..

  9. HRKW says:

    Yay! Az is in there! Of course, how can he not be? 😉 xoxo

  10. HRKW says:

    LOVE it!! You’ve got the same sorts of tastes I do. I love RD Jr. and of course, I love my own characters (thank you!) – and Snape… god, I just wanted to take his class and have him ask me to stay after. LOL And The Rock, WOW. LOL Yep. 😉 xoxo

  11. HRKW says:

    Yay!! 🙂 🙂 Az, definitely. Thane, yep. And Cole – everyone seems to love him. I wonder what it was exactly? His character was a force to be reckoned with. Still is. I can actually hear his voice in my head. xoxo

  12. HRKW says:

    Bruised lips. Now THAT’s freaking hot. Nice memories. 😉 xoxo

  13. HRKW says:

    Gerry is a treasure. When he played Dracula in Dracula 2000, he was the most ultimate level of HOT for me. And that voice…. xoxo

  14. HRKW says:

    LOL – Yep on the brownie points. But only if you made your hubby see this. 😉
    Jack Thane… he’s one I considered listing in my own list. The reason for this is that he was just… IN me when I was writing Hell Bent. Every time I heard a motorcycle’s engine, I turned – expecting to see his profile. I saw his eyes behind my own closed lids. I heard his voice, his accent – god, all the time. He is SUCH a powerful character. So, for me, he’s one of my own personal crushes on my own damn characters, as sad as it may be, lol. xoxo

  15. HRKW says:

    Oh, you nailed it with Christopher Reeves. I had a crush on him too, actually, and forgot about it until now. Did you ever see him in that movie where he goes back in time and then gets ripped back to the future because of the penny he finds in his coat pocket? Tore my heart out. xoxo

  16. HRKW says:

    Still waiting on that list, Stephanie! LOL God, yes. Richard Armitage… those green eyes, that wicked smirk, that ACCENT. Damn. He was the sole saving grace of Robin Hood. 🙂 xoxo

  17. Jody Meyer says:

    Jared Leto (those eyes), Viggo Mortensen (hot hot hot!), Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom [can you tell I love the rings trilogy?] Alexander Skarsgard, James Dean, Alex O’Loughlin (in Moonlight), and at least 90% of your characters Heather. Especially John Thane! Oh! Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series (Babe!)

  18. Jody Meyer says:

    I think that movie is Somewhere in time.

  19. HRKW says:

    Oh yes! I forgot Jared Leto. Especially after that video he made. Wow. And I’m with you on Ranger, too, lol. I always pictured him played by someone like The Rock. 🙂 xoxo

  20. HRKW says:

    Yes! That’s it! Thank you!!! I loved that movie other than the heartbreak it left me with.

  21. Morgan says:

    I have to throw in Joe Manganiello, he’s my biggest crush right now besides

    Michael Fassbender
    Definitely Billy Wirth in Lost Boys
    Daniel Sunjata
    Chris Hemsworth as Thor
    Mark Wahlberg
    Prince Adam in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
    (might as well throw Prince Eric, Kocoum, and Prince Naveen in there too lol)
    Eric Dane
    Of course Denzel Washington
    Guy from Liquid Plumr double Impact commercial
    Young Robert Redford and Cary Grant
    Will Smith in iRobot
    Most of the guys in your books 😉 but especially Thane, Daniel and Lucas
    Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall and Troy
    Adrian Paul ( I picture him as Roman lol)
    And my husband of course 🙂

  22. HRKW says:

    Billy Wirth was incredible in that movie. 🙂 Brad Pitt in Troy, god yes. But only when he’s interacting with Briseis. And I agree with the prince from Beauty and the Beast! (Give him black hair and he looks like my husband, especially the shape). xoxo

  23. Sheena says:

    I’m happy to hear that since he is at the top of my list of character crushes.
    I was trying to think of an actor that he sounds like in my head but I couldn’t think of any, because none of them could do his voice! Funny, you have a character that even Hollywood’s sexiest can’t live up to.

  24. HRKW says:

    I know, right??!! LOL Everyone always asks me to find a pic of a male model or actor who I think would be great as Jack Thane – but none exist! He’s just one I haven’t been able to put a face to yet outside of the one in my imagination!

  25. Natalie Hirschfield says:

    I think after I read he’s book az
    will be my number 1 crush..:)

  26. HRKW says:

    🙂 I think he will be a lot of people’s. xoxo

  27. Adrienne says:

    Cody from Suite Life of Zach & Cody
    Paul from Lost Boys (cuz he was so cute with the little boy vampire)
    Beast from Beauty and the Beast
    Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and Romeo+Juliet
    Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire
    Bram Griswold from the book “Dearly, Departed” (zombie romance, YEAH!!!)
    That cute senior who helped distract me while I was getting blood drawn junior year
    Marius from Les Miserables, book or play
    Lothaire from Kresley Cole’s IAD series
    That girl who played Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games movie, I forget her name

  28. HRKW says:

    Okay. All of these other series and books and not one of them is from MINE?? LOL Seriously – my guys are the freaking HOTTEST. 😉 xoxo

  29. Adrienne says:

    I thought it just went without saying! From your books though (and I’ve read all of them!) my favorites are probably Drake of Tanith, and Az, when his book FINALLY comes out! xoxo right back at’cha

  30. HRKW says:

    🙂 🙂 Yes, Az is going to rock everyone’s proverbial world. And Drake… you’re absolutely on top with your choices!! 😉 LOL xoxo

  31. Abigail says:

    Pretty much any character played by:Timothy Olyphant, James MacAvoy, Alex O’Loughlin, Gary Oldman, and Chris Pine.
    LOVE Daniel Jackson (both Spader and Shanks)
    Dyson from syfy’s Lost Girl
    The Winchester brothers
    Every sexy vampire you can imagine including Roman and Az
    Gabriel really appealed to me (huge Gerry Butler crush)
    Lucas Caige
    Rhage and Zsadist
    Prince Eric (little mermaid)
    Mr. Darcy
    Westley (Cary Elwes)
    The list goes on and on 🙂

  32. Abigail says:

    Oh and Mitchell from BBC Being Human!!

  33. Morgan says:

    Your husband looks like Beast?! Lucky woman 😉

  34. HRKW says:

    Yeah. LOL 🙂 xoxo

  35. Erica says:

    Drake in Chosen Soul (have the second book, but waiting for the next one before I read it. Is there another one coming?)
    Michael Fassbender in Hex
    Richard Armitage in North and South
    Christian Bale in American Psycho (not the character, but it was when he became interesting, at least for awhile)
    Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Samael (is that wrong?)
    Sean Bean
    Mr. Darcy
    Gary Oldman as the young-looking Dracula
    Vampire genre (watching for Vampire, Vampire!)

  36. HRKW says:

    Perfect choices, Erica! I actually agree with all of them! 🙂 xoxo