Hello Mr. Orwell

I can’t believe what I’m reading these days. Little by little, our politicians, who have I suppose officially decided they are some kind of gods, are moving us backward along the line of progress rather than forward.
First came the birth control pill debate involving insurance companies. Never mind that very fabric of insurance companies seems to be composed of evil to begin with. This is very clearly an instance of male politicians telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. Whale bone corset anyone?
Then came the censorship deal with Paypal. Why don’t we just go ahead and lock up all of the intelligent writers and save ourselves the lenghty back-slide?
And now in Arizona it’s okay for doctors to withhold critical information concerning a woman’s health if that information might lead to the decision to have an abortion? So it’s okay for the mother to die in favor of the baby? Why is one life worth saving over the other? Why don’t we just go ahead and re-create the Handmaid’s Tale right here and now?
I’m spending more time writing letters to politicians, signing petitions, and using every channel I possess to speak out about the near constant atrocities inflicted upon us by law makers these days than just about anything else.
I think the next time I write a check, I’m going to sign the date 1984.

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2 Responses to Hello Mr. Orwell

  1. Eric says:

    2 + 2 = 5

  2. Fred Nath says:

    Hiya Heather,
    I read your blog from across the pond with interest. I’m re-reading 1984 at he moment, so I think his take on socialist dogma is fresh in my mind. Our NHS (health service) has been decimated by new-speak political rubbish for a while. Top-heavy administration run by people who are intellectually challenged and suffer from acute professional jealousy constantly serves as a reminder to me that Orwell knew what he wote about. All the points you make above are so true. The bottom line is, that it seems to be international. We are all suffering from Engsoc and new-speak and little people with little minds making us oppressed and maybe depressed. But you know, what goes around, comes around. I hope it will all come full circle – like mini-skirts!
    Well done for being you and giving voice to sensible thoughts!