Spring into the Big Bad World Contest/Giveaway

In honor of The Vampire King’s February release (out now at Barnes and Noble and Amazon) and the fact that it is a Big Bad World book (meaning, it is a cross-over to the Big Bad Wolf series), and also in honor of the lovely new T-shirts Headline had made for the Lost Angels series, I have decided to run a contest/giveaway. I’ve had an attorney go over all of the legalities and we’re ready to go! I hope that you’ll consider taking part! 🙂

Rules, instructions, and details:

You know those wonderful Youtube videos people make in honor of their favorite movie, TV show, or book series? They splice together images from the shows themselves or from something non-related and put these images to music in a meaningful manner to create something totally new in order to pay homage to whatever it is they’re obsessed with?
That’s what I want you to do for me. ☺
Create a video/montage to some great song that you feel does the Big Bad World justice and post it to Youtube. This means it can be about anything from any of the four Big Bad Wolf books or from the first book in The Kings series, The Vampire King. Once you’ve finished, send me the link to the Youtube video in a private message via Facebook.
I will compile all of these and put them up on a single website. At the end of one month, I will open the website up for voting. Readers/fans/participants will get to vote for whatever video they like the best.

The winner(s) will receive the following items:
1. Signed copies of each of the first three books in the Lost Angels series (as they are released), plus one of each for a friend.
2. Signed Lost Angels T-shirt (size medium)
3. A free copy of each of my ebooks for himself/herself and a friend
4. The opportunity to help choose the name of one of the heroines or heroes from an upcoming novel (one winner will pick from a list of names for the heroine, a possible second winner will choose from a list of names for the hero)
5. A mention in the acknowledgements section of one of my print books

1. At least five people must compete with viable videos/montages for the contest to hold and not be canceled. If more than twenty people compete, there will be two winners.
2. For international winners, please be patient about mailings. It can be very costly and time consuming to mail outside of the US.
3. Please remember to post a disclaimer at the end of your video/montage re: the music and the images and state that they are not yours and that you’re just borrowing them (just in case)
4. You must have fun!!

Again, you have a month to create yoru best video/montage, get it posted to Youtube, and send me the link. Have a blast exploring your own impressions of who would make the perfect Malcolm Cole or Jesse Graves. Who is your Gabriel Phelan? What images/scenes can you borrow to replicate what happens in The Strip? The Hunt? The Vampire King? Who is your Roman D’Angelo? And what is his song? ☺ xoxoxo

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