My Eyes

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is my favorite movie in the world. The acting is superb and the length of the movie is perfect and the morals are fantastic – but it’s the SONGS I like best. In particular, ONE song: “My Eyes.”
Because that song says it all. Actually, Dr. Horrible’s part says it all – Penny’s part is ridiculously upbeat and moronically unrealistic, but of course that’s part of the charm of the song. It’s a Yin Yang of harmonies: light and dark, truth and lies.
I love to sing “My Eyes” at the top of my lungs while I’m driving down the street. I like to hum it to myself when I’m standing in the grocery line. I whisper the words under my breath when I’m at my computer dealing with the seemingly constant career-related crap that a very hard working indie publisher has to put up with.
I agree with Billy Buddy. “I cannot believe my eyes.” I can’t believe some of the things I come across. For instance, a reader who gets a completely FREE 350-page book on a free literature site and then becomes beligerent and down-right rude because to read the sequel she might actually have to pay three whole dollars for it. Less than the cost of a cup of coffee or, hell, even a bottled freaking water. Oh my God, what has the world come to? She might have to pay an author for all of their hard work???!!!
I cannot believe my eyes.
I’m bowled over by how selfish and short-sighted people seem to be these days. Like most indie publishers, I charge next to nothing for my books. I work until four in the morning writing them. I put aside sleep and time with my family and work-out sessions in order to slam my fingertips repeatedly against the keyboard so that the world can be entertained. I take a great chance in sharing the words I place upon my screen. I put myself out there – exposing the core of me to hundreds of thousands of people. That takes guts. Hard work, guts – that is the crux of the indie publisher. And miss cheapo supremo is pissed because she got something for free.
I think I’ll watch the doc and Penny harmonize about the dual nature of the universe now and scream along with it at the top of my lungs until I feel a little less irritated.
And then I’ll sing “Brand New Day.”

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One Response to My Eyes

  1. Aravis says:

    Some people are idiots.

    Thank-you for all of your hard work, for writing incredible stories, and making them affordable!