“F is for Fabulous?” Seriously???

Forever 21 recently came out with a line of clothing for women that has me shaking my head. The tops read, “Allergic to Algebra,” “School Sucks,” and “I Love School… Not.” There are others as well: “A = Amazing, B = Brilliant, C = Cool, D = Delightful, F = Fabulous.”
There are no shirts along these lines offered for the men, of course. Not that I’m surprised. What guy would admit to not being fond of math?
This reminds me a little too much of the Barbie “Math is hard, let’s go shopping” fiasco. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but haven’t women been fighting tooth and nail to obtain some semblance of academic equality with their male counterparts for hundreds of years? Does this line not throw all of that effort into the toilet – and flush twice?

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One Response to “F is for Fabulous?” Seriously???

  1. Rennie says:

    I wonder if anyone would actually wear a shirt that reads “Allergic to Algebra”? That’s like telling the whole world that you don’t understand simple math.