Just Now…

… I danced a jig. And said good-bye 2,977 times.

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4 Responses to Just Now…

  1. Mary says:

    Very well stated. Thanks to our military/intelligence branches for remaining so diligent. I know that I never really expected to see this happen. Their timing turned out to be perfect in one way: it will hopefully shut up Donald Trump now from further insulting our president by requesting birth certificates and Harvard transcripts. Thanks to President Obama for trusting in his people. Also, thanks to our military who have been seeking Obama all these years and sacrificing so much – often the ultimate – to maintain some sense of order. And thanks to their loved ones. Unfortunately, their job does not end this evening. We should all hang our flags.

  2. Rianne Jeffries says:

    When is the fourth book in the Big Bad Wolf series due to come out?

  3. Victor says:

    Does your family support you in your writings?

  4. HRKW says:

    Yes. 🙂