The Kings Series Complete Box Set – LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Available now for only $19.99, but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY (buy links below)!

If you’re wanting to catch up on the HKW universe before starting Monsters, NOW is the time. The box set is ONLY $19.99 and provides a way to read all thirteen The Kings novels plus Withered at a savings of more than thirty-five bucks. (Plus, stay tuned for an upcoming limited time sale on Monsters, book one!) But again – THE BOX SET IS NOT HERE TO STAY. Don’t wait! The Kings are unpredictable, and when they meet it isn’t for long. Get all thirteen searingly hot men while they’re all together NOW!

Buy links are below.

Thirteen lone sovereigns rule from solitary thrones over lands filled with the strange and supernatural. They’ve done so since the beginning of time. But something is changing in the Thirteen Realms.

A high witch has a vision of a chess board. On the board are thirteen kings… and thirteen queens.

Magic stirs the universe. Thirteen new thrones wait empty.

A legendary dragon, an ancient vampire, a powerful warlock, the darkest fae lord, and even Time itself will at long last know the ecstasy of true love – but must fight against those even stronger than they are to keep from losing it.

The Kings is a bestselling paranormal romance series by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Heather Killough-Walden. Included in this box set are all thirteen full-length books of The Kings series and the bonus bridge book, Withered.

This box set (3,600 pages):

The Vampire King

The Phantom King

The Warlock King

The Goblin King

The Seelie King

The Unseelie King

The Shadow King

The Winter King

The Demon King

The Shifter King

The Nightmare King

The Dragon King

The Time King






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