Just in time for the holiday season, I give you the HKW Music Box Lockets! Four gorgeous music box lockets have been specially created by an amazing artist to represent four Heather Killough-Walden bestselling series. Each one possesses its own image and music, best suited for the series it represents.
(For instance, the HKW Neverland Series Music Box Locket features either a mermaid or pirate ship image and the song, “You Are My Sunshine.”)
For more information, or to purchase, visit Etsy’s shop Charsfavoritethings and click on the HKW Music Box Locket images. You can also visit Heather’s Facebook pages at or
With each purchase, you will receive a handwritten thank you note from the author, bookmarks, and a coupon for a free eBook!
Now is your chance to obtain that beautiful, wearable, and utterly collectible piece of HKW literary history! Perfect for that HKW reader in your life! Happy Holidays!

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